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Loxeal S.r.l

Partnership : Loxeal S.r.l

Loxeal Engineering Adhesives is an Italian Company specialized in the manufacturing of comprehensive range of Technically Advanced Adhesives and Sealants providing since over 35 years solutions to a wide variety of industrial uses. The Company Quality System certified since 1993 has been mantained and improved along the time granting the high quality level of our products. Our Anaerobic, Epoxy, Structural Acrylic, UV-light curing, Polyurethane Adhesives and other Complementary Products have been recognized to perform at the highest requirements. Selected products have been tested by worldwide accreditated Laboratories and certified according to regulations in the field of gas sealing, potable water, medical devices.

Loxeal modern facilities are build in compliance with Safety and Environment Regulations.

We are proud to offer on worldwide basis a great technical support to our Customers thanks to the original technical know-how and qualified and motivated staff.


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