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The history of FIORE Rubinetterie S.r.l. dates back to 1965 when Antonio Fiore started up his own business, buying and selling taps, in Briga Novarese which is a few kilometers from Novara. Thanks mainly to the entrepreneural skills of its founder, the business moved on from the marketing of taps to producing them, becoming a limited Company in 1977 when he moved the plant in Dr. Bellosta street in San Maurizio D'Opaglio. The production of the company FIORE remained in these two plants in San Maurizio D'Opaglio until 2003, when it moved the offices and the production in Borgomanero, still in Novara province, in a modern plant in which more than 80 people are employed in an overall working area of 22.000 square meters.

Today FIORE is a name which is well-known and esteemed by businessmen of the same sector as well as the consumers themselves, in Italy and all over the world. The FIORE production starts from the study of the design according to the customer requirements, to the market trends and the desire of knowledge and innovation through the research during the design and creative processes. The FIORE Research and Design Center is constantly moving between experimentation and technology, in total openness to everything new industry regarding manufacturing systems, finishes, resource optimization and design trends. That's why their range of products for bathroom and kitchen is so big and includes traditional taps, mixers, thermostatic and electronic faucets . The production line is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

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