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SharkBite NEXUS push fittings

Quick Connection System SharkBite NEXUS System.

SharkBite NEXUS is a quick connection system for plumbing and heating professionals that doesn’t require tools for installation.

Our quick connection system for professionals is recommended for newly-built housing and for remodelling/repairs, providing security and quick assembly.

A universal system compatible with PEX, PERT and MULTILAYER pipes.

SharkBite NEXUS system is made of PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone) – BSP threads.

Available in ø 16, 20, 25 and 32 mm

No tools needed: Security and quick assembly.

Save installation time: With SharkBite NEXUS save up to 70% than other systems.

Stock Reduction: 50% reduction of the fittings stock needed compared to traditional systems since SharkBite NEXUS system is compatible with both PEXa and Multilayer pipes..

High Pressure and Temperature Resistant: Maximum Operating Temperature = 95°C, Maximum Operating Pressure = 10 bar.

Corrosion Resistant: Scale and corrosion simply cannot build-up inside any SharkBite NEXUS system thanks to the smooth inner surface of plastic pipes and fittings.

Light-Weight: The system is very flexible and light-weight. It’s simple and fast installation also saves time and money.

Long Life: If the system is used according to the specified working pressure and temperature, a working life of at least 50 years is guaranteed.

No Noise Nuisance: No noise nuisance originates due to the liquid flow, thanks to the smooth inner surface and flexibility of our system. Water-hammer is reduced by 2 to 3 times in comparison to metal installations.

Health: All system components comply with the most stringent toxicological and hygienic requirements and are suitable for drinking water transportation.They have no odor, taste or toxicity.


How to install push-fittings SharkBite NEXUS

The SharkBite Connection System has an innovative range of fittings for plumbing and heating with the versatility to join different pipes such as PEX, PERT and МULTILAYER, without welding, clamps or adhesives. SharkBite products are exclusively for professionals in newly-built housing and in remodeling / repairs. SharkBite plumbing solutions provide a quick installation that saves time, labor, money, and provides the freedom to move to the next project quickly. SharkBite is a leader of the plumbing and heating accessories market in North America and Australia, and produces more than 20 million fittings a year. SharkBite continues to develop a distinctive brand in the field of plumbing and heating solutions.


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