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Pintossi + C

Partnership: Pintossi + C

Pintossi manufactures brass components for hydraulic systems, bathroom and heating systems. Since 1916 the company has specialised in the production of valves used in radiators, safety valves, ball valves for water and gas, faucets, connections and other accessories. Each component is made entirely within the company. The fact that production is managed completely within the company allows Pintossi to guarantee the best quality for each component manufactured and excellent production flexibility. Pintossi is a solid company, which over the years has matured and has renewed itself in order to offer its clients a precise and punctual service and products that are safe and certified. Pintossi has chosen to direct its production line towards new technologies, developed with a view to optimising consumption and saving energy. Pintossi produces technologically advanced components of excellent quality for the application of metering modules and thermal regulation groups for radiating panels, that are the most recent models in the field of systems solutions for divisional consumption metering and heating systems with radiating panels.

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