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BROQUETAS are a Spanish manufacturer specialized since 1930 in the production of tin, silver, copper and lead filler metal alloys and soldering and brazing materials for plumbing and sanitary installations and electronics assembly. Family company managed by 3rd generation with more than 80 years of solder production expertise. Reliable solders of superior quality made in Spain to ISO 9001 quality standards and compliant to the current international regulations.

BROQUETAS SL has as a main goal his customers' satisfaction offering a good quality product and service, in a constant improvement. This is the reason why it assumes the following quality principles:

  • BROQUETAS SL organisation focuses all its activity to satisfy his customers' needs, in accordance to laws and regulations concerned. As a result, it settles different tools for the constant evaluation of its costumer's satisfaction.

  • BROQUETAS SL managers promotes the application of Quality management systems ISO 9001:2008 (Certified by AENOR) to settle their engagement and responsible management in order to guarantee their quality aims.

  • BROQUETAS SL manages its activity and resources to carry out, focusing on procedures to reach their aims efficiently.

  • Quality is a common aim in all company areas and everyone needs to consider himself as a customer and supplier of the rest departments.

  • Company management considers all staff implication as the clue for the quality project, so they promote continuous training and group motivation in its human resources.

  • BROQUETAS takes its decisions and acts considering data analysis, and continuous improving constitutes a main goal for the organisation.


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