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Our Company was established by Charilaos Manos in 1987. It started with the manufacture of Copper Soldering and Welding Material, and later expanded in Plumbing Supplies trading. The following years the company also expanded into the field of Plumbing Supplies importing, until today that we are importing the main value of our products. Our partners are the biggest factories of Europe and they are carefully chosen, so we can provide our customers with the most quality products followed by the appropriate certificates and qualifications.

Our company's main target is the immediate customer service with face to face communication. As a result we have earned the absolute trust and fidelity of them, while we keep expanding our services in terms of quality, speed and accuracy.

Our partners are retail shops and all kinds of technical industry professionals.

Thank you for your trust and your preference in our services since 1987.

Always yours, and available for any information you might need on our services.



Manos Konstantinos


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