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MCM Rubinetterie

Rubinetterie MCM was founded in 1991 by Margarini family, in the historical premises of Via Mameli in Borgomanero.

Since that date until today a lot of improvement has been done like the new more spacious building to optimise production resources, active and young forces, automatic assembling and testing systems, international quality approval, photovoltaic system, laser machinery for components marking, international exhibitions.

The careful management of the property by the family Margarini has quintupled the product range compared to the past, better to satisfy customer requirements.

MCM has Solar Panels on the factory roof, for a total of 1000 square metersthat produce about 50KWp.

Every day we avoid to add in the air about 100 Kg di CO2 which coincide to the air pollution of a car that has travelled for 600Km.

During its life cycle of about 30 years, our solar plant will produce about 1.500.00KWh and will save the use of about 150/200 barrel oil per year.

MCM has created a complete range of water saver fittings, which are of high quality and easy to use. There are self closing fittings for wash basin, shower and urinal, there are models both for exposed and concealed installation.


All products are accurately tested before despatching. The correct working of our taps is guaranteed only with no impurity water or liquids. It is necessary the use of a filter to be fixed to the alimentation outlet.All items are studied in order to avoid any water hammer.


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